Paria Project

In the 80’s, caught by the unique beauty and natural richness of Paria, and by the openness of its people, which opens to visitors as well as its exuberant nature, we continued discovering needs and began to understand that the way to solve many problems of this remote area of high tourism potential, was the creation of a nongovernmental organization that could guide the development of tourism, social related issues and environmental preservation of Paria. The Paria Project was born there, which have led to important contributions that targeted solutions and provided integral growth of the Paria Peninsula, such as programs for preservation of marine turtle species (Green, Hawksbill, Guaraguá and Cardón) raising awareness among the villagers of the importance of caring these species and preserving their eggs, as well as the protection of birds, as Paria concentrates 27% of the Venezuelan species.

Merle Thomas Foundation

One of the most significant achievements of the Paria Project has been to involve the local communities and youth providing them with workshops on environmental awareness. Thus arises the Merle Thomas Foundation that has been developing in Paria, a synergy of environmental protection that has resulted, among other things, in the implementation of the Environmental Center, which today has emerged as the organization that runs a major program of the Merle Thomas Foundation, serving projects ran in conjunction with local schools and under the auspices of the European Union and private funding, to awaken in the children the defense of our only home in common: the planet Earth.

The Osma Project

El propósito  de la Ecoposada & Spa Sietemares y Urbanizadora de la Costa S.A, Urcosa, está orientado al desarrollo de su actividad de servicio turístico de alta calidad en el área de hospedaje, en plena concordancia con el crecimiento de la comunidad de Osma.

Es por ello,  que consideran primordial trabajar por y con los osmeños para buscar juntos las mejores soluciones a sus problemas y servir como fuente de empleo segura, apegada a la ley y con grandes oportunidades de crecimiento para los lugareños de esta hermosa zona del litoral varguense.

Asimismo, aplicando el concepto del turismo sustentable apoya las tradiciones culturales como la agrupación folklórica Café y panela, a través de la promoción y contratación de este característico grupo de tambores de la zona.

The Osma Project Social Work

As part of the philosophy of Ecoposadas del Mar and Urcosa, to ensure the development of the communities where they have raised their tourism projects, they are constantly promoting training courses in accordance with the aspirations and needs of the people of Osma. In this way, we have promoted and sponsored, with support from the local Community Council and the Fundación Osma 2000, the following courses for the community, taught by specialists in the field:

Courses taught:

- Food handling course: Duration: 8 hours of theory and practice. Given at the Ecoposada & Spa Sietemares.

- Basic-workshop to train nature guides with an emphasis on Birdwatching:  Duration: 40 academic hours. Given at the Osma Market Plaza by specialists from the Audubon Society and professors from UCV and USB.

- Basic computer course: Taught at the Infocentro Osma by the specialist, Prof. Hebert Tovar. Duration: 32 academic hours.

  1. -Two First Aid Courses: The first was issued in the Library of Osma for the whole community, and the second one for workers of Sietemares Ecoposada & Spa by the company Zona Vertical. Duration: 16 academic hours.

  2. -Snake Course: Taught in the Library of Osma by the company Zona Vertical. For the proper and prompt attention in case of snakebites. Duration: 6 academic hours.

Upcoming courses and workshops:

    -  Lifeguard: A much sought after job in the area.

    -  Micro-companies (to train entrepreneurs in the Market Plaza at Osma).

-Basic English: To facilitate communication with foreign visitors.

-Piñata’s crafting and confectionery: These courses are in high demand by young people.

-Sexuality: Given that over 50% of the community of Osma are younger than 24 years, it is considered of utmost importance to provide adequate information to prevent adolescent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

  1. -Bartender: course in great demand by the youth of Osma.

- Drug prevention workshop: which will be issued by the National Anti-Drug Office (ONA).


In this area, it is important to note that there will be held a campaign in conjunction with the Vargas State Health Direction, for the vaccination and dental care for the people of Osma.


In this aspect there have been made very significant activities for the community as the Children's Day celebration in the Plaza Bolívar of Osma, attended by more than a hundred children who enjoyed various recreational activities such as: air mattress, trampoline, magic balloons, and face painting. The mothers of Osma worked together with the companies Sietemares and Urcosa in making this an unforgettable day.

Also, the next day, the celebration took place at the Posada Sietemares, with varied entertainment options, performed by a group of specialists, and with delicious meals for the children of employees of the inn.

Osma Cinema

Taking into account that there are no cinemas in Osma or its surroundings, it was decided to give the children and the youth, a movie night. This novelty started with a children film showed at the Club of Osma. The children and their parents were prepared with chairs and snacks to share a different kind of evening which was thoroughly enjoyed and requested to be repeated regularly.