Located on the Paria Peninsula, Sucre state, 61 km from Carúpano, between RÍo Caribe and San Juan de Las Galdonas.


By car

From Caracas, take the way to the East. After passing Mochima, you will arrive in Cumana and from there go to Carúpano, which is where the Paria Peninsula starts. The approximate time is 8 hours. From Puerto La Cruz, the journey will begin along the coast, with spectacular views; this path is curved and paved with the presence of speed reducers, mostly from Cumaná.

Once in Carúpano, you will continue the journey of 61 km in total along the coast, passing in front of El Morro de Puerto Santo, reaching Río Caribe, where we have the last service station and gasoline supplies. The journey continues from Río Caribe to Playa Puipuy, for a total of 31 kilometers: from this point, pass the villages of Guayaberos and Chacaracual, until you reach the next intersection, on the left side of the road will find the Licorería Plan IV; from this point until Playa Puipuy there are 15 kms.

By bus

From Caracas you can take the Rodovías buses that will take 8 hours to the city of Carúpano, where you can hire a taxi to the inn.

The Rodovias terminal is located in Caracas, Avenida Libertador with Boulevard Amador Bendayán, Sector Santa Rosa de Quebrada Honda, at 100 meters from Metro Station Colegio de Ingenieros.

Telephone: +58 (0212) 577.66.22 - 577.70.11 - 577.77.65.   Fax: +58 (0212) 574.03.56

Note: We recommend wearing warm clothes, because the bus units have air conditioning at a very low temperature.

By plane

From Margarita (Porlamar): the Alcatraz Company offers daily flights in small planes.

By boat

From Margarita Island: the so called tapaditos, which are small boats that cover this route anchoring in Chacopata harbor, an hour and a half from Carúpano. Once in Chacopata, you must continue the journey by any bus arriving in Carúpano.



Av Independencia Nro 48 (a 2 cuadras de la Plaza Santa Rosa), Carúpano

T: +58 (0294) 331-5241/331-3917/Fax: +58 (0294) 331-3021



C.C. Mata de Coco Edificio Sur PH (Piso 9)  Avda. Blandin, La Castellana, Caracas, Venezuela

+58 (0212) 264-7334 / 263-3573 /+58 (0424) 268-5498