An architect’s dream that began in Osma 42 years ago; however, it only began to materialize in the Paria peninsula for more than two decades and concretes happily in Osma 10 years ago. Today, this dream is consolidated in the merger of three inns: Sietemares in Osma, Posadas Playa Medina and Puipuy in Paria.

What unites them? A common sense of respect for nature and the local population, the level of their architecture, quality of service, and most importantly, the privilege of having unique sites of outstanding beauty in front of a Caribbean Sea with no hurricanes.

A bit of history...

In 1985 we began the construction of the 8 cabins of Posada Playa Medina, which worked then under the administration of Corpomedina. There was no way to take us over there, it was necessary to take a small boat in Rio Caribe and enter the beach. However, we started the work by moving all the materials, as well as labor and professional staff in boats. Once the first cabin was finished, we began our efforts to open a dirt road, which turned into quite an ordeal, but we did not lose hope of discovering to our potential guests, -Venezuelans and foreigners- the beauty of Playa Medina, today considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Venezuela.

A few years later, in the early 90's, Corpomedina started to build the inn Playa Puipuy, about 20 minutes drive from Playa Medina, in a beautiful place, in front a huge ocean beach, we built 18 simple, comfortable cabins.

And after all this journey we go across the map of Venezuela and arrive in Osma, in Vargas state...

By the year 1956, we began to relate to the people of Osma, raised a nursery, we promoted the planting of various species of palms and avocado trees, and so the years passed until we decided to venture again, this time with the project Posada Sietemares. In 2004, we decided to unveil this place blessed by nature, which offers seven beautiful and totally unspoilt beaches. In line with our low-density architectural projects, we planned a beautiful luxury inn with 21 cabins in a valley where guests enjoy the peace and tranquility of the place, near Caracas.