Three inns, three beaches, three prices, a single quality 

Our ecotourism inns are designed for those who love nature and enjoy the beauty and serenity that these heavenly and magical places give. 

They are located in very unique and exotic areas of the Venezuelan geography, to offer our guests the unspoilt beauty of the beaches and mountains that are home to our cabins, built in harmony with nature. 

Posada Playa Medina and Posada Puipuy, at the Paria Peninsula in Sucre state, and Sietemares in Osma, Vargas state, offer natural settings of high contrast between the lush rainforest and the seascape.

The purpose of Ecoposada del Mar is to provide a high quality service in a warm atmosphere that invites to reconciliation with oneself and the vital essence. We will provide an attentive and special service so that you always remember us and want to return.