Paria Peninsula

The key feature that defines this privileged tourist zone is diversity. Sucre state offers many options for a very pleasant stay and many recreational activities.

You may check how the lush rainforest meets the ocean landscape, and this in turn offers pristine beaches, with ocean waves or calm sea, cold or warm, deep or shallow, something for all tastes.

And, last but not least, you can dip your body in hot springs with different temperatures (from 17 to 43 °C) and different viscosity of the mud, ideal for rejuvenating your skin for its high content of mineral salts.

In addition, Paria produces the best cocoa in the world, required in many European countries with a tradition of producing famous brands of chocolates. In Paria, you will visit, as we will explain later, the museum of cocoa.

Río Caribe is a beautiful fishing village, very colorful with the sea breeze always on the move. In the harbor you can see the small boats bringing fresh fish and kiosks on both sides of the beach where the villagers will prepare empanadas and arepas for you whenever you want them.

In Carúpano, several houses of beautiful architecture are preserved dating from the nineteenth century, such as the Cable House, which is very well preserved and which owes its name to that it used to be the office of the telegraph cable company between Carúpano and Marseille (1876). Currently, our offices and the headquarters of the foundation Merle Thomas are located there.

Osma is a typical village of the Caruao parish which is about two hours from Caracas. It boasts a beautiful coastline that runs into the high mountains. Osma is emerging as a major tourist destination because of its potential to offer a range of alternatives, such as extreme sports and adventure, trekking and hiking in the mountains, visits to pools with spring water, and the observation of a large number of birds and fauna.

Osma is a town that lives, vibrates and enjoys among the waves and the salty ocean and the cool breeze that comes from the lush Avila Mountain. And that vibrate so peculiar to its people, between loud and soft, sweet and bitter, between sad and happy, is shown through their music, specifically with the wonderful sounds of their drums.

The drum group, a symbol of Osma, is Café y Panela. It involves all the people in the village, from the boys to the teachers of this intense artistic expression. They make their own instruments and costumes to impregnate them with a distinctive accent of high contrast, because of the color and forms that they use.