About Us

We are a group of businessmen that from the decade of the 80’s have been creating low density ecotourism projects in very unique and exotic places of the Venezuelan geography, because we wanted to offer our guests the unspoiled beauty of the beaches and mountains that are home to our cabins, built in harmony with nature, and working with and for local people to create close ties with the communities of Playa Medina, Playa Puipuy -in Paria, Sucre state, and Osma, in Vargas state- in order to continue developing, together, for the benefit of the communities involved and the Venezuelan tourism .

We are a team of tourism experts, architects, designers, journalists and villagers, joined by a mysticism of service that seeks constant improvement. The achievement of harmony among different factors: nature, guests and staff. Our employees belong to local communities, which produces an interaction of giving and receiving learning that we extend to our guests.